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Look at it this way

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The earth came into existence 4.5 billion years ago but  it took more than  a  billion years for the first life-forms  to evolve.  These  were just very simple single-celled creatures (prokaryotes) - like bacteria and blue-green algae.

Perhaps though this was the first revolution?  


Anyway, about  2 billion years later there  definitely  was a  revolutiuon. Some of these single celled creatures  joined forces  (by  literally invading each other). This process led to the development of much   more complex (but still single celled)  living things (eukaryotes).

It took only another 700 million years for the next revolution to occur - this was the emergence of the first multicellular  creatures.  At that point the pace really picked up, leading only 300 milion years later to the world as we know it.

Just think  how much  has been packed into the past 300 million years, relative to what happened in the first 4 billion!

Homo sapiens appeared around 200,000 years ago -  and homo sapiens sapiens  ( us! ) have only been around for the 100,000 years or so.


Human civilizations came into existence  a mere 3000 years ago - and  the past 400 years have  been totally action packed!  Things are now moving forward faster than ever, picking up speed exponentially - even if it doesn't always seem that way.


Well, is that any comfort?  I suppose it depends on your mood really....

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