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Bright Future: Abundance and Progress in the 21st Century

A book by David McMullen

Are the grumpy pseudo-left baby boomers right? Is the world going from bad to worse? One person who does not think so is leftwing economist David McMullen. In Bright Future, he examines how science and technology will ensure global affluence and how a more advanced society based on collective ownership will become the obvious rational choice as automation eliminates most of the jobs we don't want to do.

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Table of Contents

Published January 2007
10 digit ISBN: 0646468324
13 digit ISBN: 978-0646468327

US$14.99 plus postage and handling at

For US bookshop and library orders phone 866-308-6235

Australian residents will find the following link cheaper because of the lower postage and handling costs. Payment can be made through PayPal or credit card. The total cost after GST is AUS$19.95 per copy.


Links and Documents Relating to Topics Covered in Bright Future  (More topics will be added all the time):

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