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What a difference a month makes . . .

When Nouri al-Maliki launched his surprise attack against the main Shia militia in Basra, the operation appeared to be a disastrous miscalculation pitting inexperienced Iraqi soldiers against well-armed and battle-hardened street-fighters of the Mahdi Army. From The Times April 25, 2008 Richard Beeston, Foreign Editor

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2008-04-25

Do not fight Iraqi forces, al-Sadr tells followers

Deborah Haynes in Baghdad (Karim Kadim) The religious leader of Iraq’s biggest Shia militia today ordered his followers to refrain from fighting the Iraqi security forces, explaining that an earlier threat of all-out war had been directed at US and British troops alone.

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2008-04-25

The men in black vanish and Basra comes to life

A month ago, any woman daring to wear bright clothing in Basra would have drawn the wrath of the militiamen.

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2008-04-25

Iraqi forces see victory in Basra

Iraqi soldiers are standing proud in Basra one month after launching a surprise offensive to wipe out murderous gangs of Shia militants that had been allowed to flourish under Britain’s watch.

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2008-04-25

Sunnis breaking from Al Qaeda

Despite all the doom and gloom from the conservative right and its pseudo-left allies the fascists won't win in Iraq.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2007-07-08

The Road Home (disgusting editorial from the NY Times)

Shameful stuff from the conservative right.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2007-07-08

140 Iraqis murdered in Ermeli

“I am at work today to retaliate against the criminals, and to send them a message that we are alive and we are on our homeland and we will fight Al-Qa'ida until the last drop of our blood,” he said. “We will either kill them or they will annihilate us,” Hussein added, before launching into a slogan that underlined how the violence of Al-Qa'ida's Sunni extremists has driven a wedge between Iraq's rival communities.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2007-07-08

Letter from Kurdistan: Holiday in Iraq

Over Christmas break, the author took his son to northern Iraq, which the U.S. had made a no-fly zone in 1991, ending Saddam's chemical genocide. Now reborn, Iraqi Kurdistan is a heartrending glimpse of what might have been.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2007-03-20

David Hicks should give his parole, and be released - patrickm at Larvatus Prodeo

partickm argues at Larvatus Prodeo that Hicks' treatment damages the war to replace autocracies with liberal capitalists. He should give his parole and be released.

Book Review: "From outside the box, a positive vision for the planet"

This is a review of David McMullen's new book "Bright Future - Abundance and Progress in the 21st Century". It was published in today's Canberra Times (Saturday 3 February 2007, Panorama supplement, p. 17)

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2007-02-02

Who controls the Iraqi Shia?

Article by LS member Lupin3

Progressives need to unite against criminals who bomb universities in Iraq

I want to propose that we engage in a little clear thinking about the latest cowardly attack on students and staff at a University in Iraq. I believe this attack is just another little 9/11, and also believe that no one posting on this thread would offer any support for it. It is not any unfortunate mistake from a ‘brave resistance’ against a foreign occupation. This deliberate targeting of civilians is mass murder, pure and simple. People who perpetrate such crimes are the direct enemy of all progressives the world over. I am prepared to unite with other people who have disagreed with my views of history in order to defeat this enemy now.

  • Posted by patrickm
  • Published: 2007-01-18

Pamela Bone: Women's right to equality

November 30, 2006 A MEETING of Muslim feminists from across the world in New York last week made a brief paragraph in The Australian, and in no other newspaper that I saw. It should have made front pages, being at least as important as the Group of 20 or Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation meetings, which had as wide a coverage as sound editorial judgment demanded.

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2006-12-03

Kininmonth on the Stern Report

There are natural temperature fluctuations that affect climate, writes William Kininmonth.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2006-11-02

Maliki: I'm "not America's man in Iraq"

Mr. Maliki was said to have told the ambassador that he was “a friend of the United States, but not America’s man in Iraq.”

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2006-11-01
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