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Home page area that contains the items created and collected by youngmarxist
youngmarxist's Home Images
youngmarxist's Home Links - Iraq, the Mid East, South Asia
youngmarxist's Home Links - History - A collection of our best posts on the topic.
Historical discussions from the site.
youngmarxist's Home Links - Current Events
Folder with stories that were discussed on the site when they were current
youngmarxist's Home Links - Grand Strategy
youngmarxist's Home Links - Liberating Technology
youngmarxist's Home Links - LS ideas and direction
youngmarxist's Home Links - Forward With Revolution
youngmarxist's Home Links - Materialism and Athiesm
youngmarxist's Home Welcome to Last Superpower
This site was established by leftwingers who support the war in Iraq. We called it "Last Superpower" because we believe that US imperialism is weaker than it has ever been before and is no longer the almighty superpower it makes itself out to be. This is a place for people who want to discuss what it really means to be progressive and left-wing in the 21st century - and where we can go from here.
youngmarxist's Home Suggestion for new intro to forum.
This is the main LastSuperpower forum. You need to register to post a reply, and brand new topics can only be launched by the LS steering committee. If you would like to launch a fresh topic please email us at We don't shut down topics, so you can comment on anything you see here. More info on using our forum is in the announcement below.
youngmarxist's Home Lebanese Allegations of Israeli incursions into Lebanese territory.
youngmarxist's Home Getting Last Superpower Right
This is what I think we should do in the next few months to make Last Superpower less like a site that is 'talking to ourselves'.
youngmarxist's Home document.2007-03-01.5134460694
youngmarxist's Home Strategy One from the Cape York Partnership Anti-Subtance Abuse Strategy - Rebuild a Social, Cultural, Spiritual and therefore Legal Intolerance of Abusive Behaviour

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