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Welcome to Last Superpower

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This site was established by leftwingers who support the war in Iraq. We called it "Last Superpower" because we believe that US imperialism is weaker than it has ever been before and is no longer the almighty superpower it makes itself out to be. This is a place for people who want to discuss what it really means to be progressive and left-wing in the 21st century - and where we can go from here.
Visit our Main Forum - some current topics: Israel's POW's and What is the pseudo-Left?

Click here for more info on our logo, Lady Liberty.

"The pseudo-Left opposes modernity, development, globalisation, technology and progress. It embraces obscurantism, relativism, romanticism and even nature worship. At May Day rallies, the pseudo-Left whines about how things aren't what they used to be."

On our MAIN FORUM you will find discussion on such issues as

If you are bored with pseudo-left ideology and would like to join in discussions about building a genuine radical left, please come along and join in the discussion.

And if you think we are wrong,  prove it by arguing with us - as sharply and intelligently as possible. 

Click here for a description of our general stance

Our archive:  click on the yellow folders at the top left of this page to see our archived material

Currently featured material:


Site sampler - a  selection of new and old material  (if you want more - read the archive and also our main forum).
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