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Nazi-Zionist Collaboration 12: Reference notes

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APPENDIX A (Proof of evidence from John Harvey Foster)

APPENDIX B (The enquiry that never was)

APPENDIX C (Unilateral declaration by Community Radio 3CR)

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4.         This does not refer to a departure from Marxism.  The Union of Zionists-Revisionists was founded in the early 1920s as an extreme right-wing split-off from the official Zionist movement.


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7.         The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an anti-Semitic tract falsely purporting  to uncover an  international Jewish conspiracy aimed at world power.  It was written in the 1890s by an agent of the Russian secret police.


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11.       Tamir has since resigned.


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35.       See Sykes, op. cit. for a description of this joint Gestapo / Zionist activity.  Also see Heinz Hohne, Der Order unter dem Totenkopf, Gutersloh, 1967.


36.       The diaspora refers to Jewish existence outside Israel.


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39.       Greenbaum was actually in a minority in the Zionist leadership on this question.  The damning fact is that he was left in charge of the 'rescue committee’ after openly expressing his opposition to the use of Zionist money for rescue activities.


40.       Eretz Israel refers to the land of Israel.


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51.      The Bund (Fraternity) was a nationalist, but not Zionist, Social Democratic party of Jewish workers in Russia and Poland.


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63.       If the evidence that follows in this chapter appears incredible, please consider the present open Zionist campaign to prevent Soviet Jews from emigrating to any country other than Israel.  And if Nazi cooperation with Zionist aims seems strange, please note that the USSR will issue visas to Jews to go to Israel only.


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98.       Legally, marriages must be Jewish, Christian or Islamic, but some Christian priests do marry Jews to non-Jews though a more common practice is to get married in Cyprus.

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112.     For example, Shonfeld, op. cit, o.62.  On 25 November 1940, the SS Patria, with some 1770 Jewish refugees on board, was blown up by the Irgun Zvai Leumi, a Zionist terrorist group.  About 250 refugees died.


113.     Hecht, op. cit., p.185.


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