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Iraq is not Vietnam!

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this folder is devoted to material about the defeat of US imperialism in Vietnam and its historical significance.

This folder is still very much under construction - we hope eventually to be able to put together a substantial collection of material on the Vietnam war and related struggles ...

The idea that the mighty struggle waged by the Vietnamese people against US imperialism  bears some resemblance to the  current insurgency in Iraq is a truly preposterous one.  

In Vietnam the US intervened in support of the most reactionary, anti-democratic elements  in that societry. 

It's role in Iraq has been the opposite.   


The US was unable to win in Vietnam because it was waging a war with the Vietnamese people. 


At the same time it was faced with rapidly expanding opposition at home and abroad (in contrast to the contracting opposition to the war in Iraq). 


In addition to this, resistance to the war was rampant among its own troops (read about this  here).

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