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Noel Pearson: Big government hurts Aboriginal population

(Published: 2006-06-25 11:59 PM)
People might question our main contention here: that the political and bureaucratic top leadership does not have any strategy for the indigenous crisis. And consider this: things are admittedly still very difficult for people in Cape York peninsula. But during recent years there have been a large number of initiatives that have improved people's lives, or promise to do so in the near future: nationally renowned family income management, alcohol management, education trials, and Milton James's Work Placement Scheme. Governments have given us vital legislative and financial support. But not one of these ideas came from the bureaucracies or the politicians. Indigenous people and the private and philanthropic sectors did it all.

Noel Pearson: Don't listen to those who despise us

(Published: 2006-06-25 11:45 PM)
Indigenous cultures can adapt, just like any other.

Free to choose or compelled to lie? - the rights of voters after Langer v the Commonwealth

(Published: 2005-05-18 03:58 AM)
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