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War Crimes

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Aplologies are bullshit.


Only one image can turn this around.
Senior US military officers responsible for this treacherous undermining of the war effort must be put on trial for their lives and given a free fair and public trial by general Court Martial.

Hitchens: Why Haditha isn't My Lai.

(Published: 2006-06-08 08:50 PM)
The other difference, one ought not need add, is that in My Lai the United States was fighting the Vietcong. A recent article about the captured diary of a slain female Vietnamese militant (now a best seller in Vietnam) makes it plain that we were vainly attempting to defeat a peoples' army with a high morale and exalted standards. I, for one, will not have them insulted by any comparison to the forces of Zarqawi, the Fedayeen Saddam, and the criminal underworld now arrayed against us.

Abu Ghraib: One year later

(Published: 2005-06-16 07:25 AM)
U.S. works to repair damage of Abu Ghraib By Dave Moniz and Tom Squitieri, USA TODAY

Do What Must Be Done

(Published: 2004-06-19 12:00 AM)
"This web site will help demonstrate how democracy deals with wrongdoing. Think of it as an "Open Criminal Investigation Division". We, the people, will demonstrate to all the world the difference between those who believe in democracy and in human rights, and those who believe in rule by the terrorist code."

What Went Wrong? The flaw in Seymour Hersh's theory

(Published: 2004-06-13 10:56 AM)
But the battle against Islamic jihad will be going on for a very long time, against a foe that is both ruthless and irrational. This means that infinite patience and scruple and intelligence are required, as well as decisiveness and bravery. Given this necessary assumption, all short-cut artists, let alone rec-room sadists, are to be treated, not as bad apples alone, but as traitors and enemies. If Rumsfeld could bring himself to say that, he could perhaps undo some of the shame, and some of the harm as well.

Misbehaviour before the enemy

(Published: 2004-05-07 12:00 AM)

Prison Mutiny:What the torturers of Abu Ghraib have wrought.

(Published: 2004-05-06 05:02 AM)
Either these goons were acting on someone's authority, in which case there is a layer of mid- to high-level people who think that they are not bound by the laws and codes and standing orders. Or they were acting on their own authority, in which case they are the equivalent of mutineers, deserters, or traitors in the field. This is why one asks wistfully if there is no provision in the procedures of military justice for them to be taken out and shot.
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