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Saudi Arabia

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What's going on in Saudi Arabia? How long till Wahhabism finally unravels? What's the US doing to push things forward there?

Saudi Writers Risk Flogging to Challenge Islamists

(Published: 2005-03-30 07:03 AM)
For a man just sentenced to 200 lashes and four months in jail by an Islamic court, Saudi academic Hamza al-Mozainy is strikingly cheerful. The diminutive, twinkle-eyed professor of linguistics was summoned by a Riyadh judge in March after an Islamist colleague said Mozainy made fun of his long beard in a newspaper article.

Saudi princess joins women’s call for equality

(Published: 2005-03-23 06:16 AM)
Princess Sarah says conservative government has to recognise women as equal half of society.

Saudi Arabia Backgrounder: who are the Islamists?

(Published: 2005-03-06 11:23 PM)
ICG MIddle East report No 31. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Saudi Arabia is at a critical stage in both its struggle against terrorism and its on-again, off-again efforts at reform, and Islamism is at the heart of both. The success or failure of the moderate Islamists in providing social, religious and political responses to the country's predicament will, probably as much as anything, determine the ultimate fate of their radical rivals. (pdf file)

The Saudi Paradox

(Published: 2005-02-22 09:03 PM)
Summary: Saudi Arabia is in the throes of a crisis, but its elite is bitterly divided on how to escape it. Crown Prince Abdullah leads a camp of liberal reformers seeking rapprochement with the West, while Prince Nayef, the interior minister, sides with an anti-American Wahhabi religious establishment that has much in common with al Qaeda. Abdullah cuts a higher profile abroad -- but at home Nayef casts a longer and darker shadow.
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