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Albert Langer: Back the Iraqi compromise

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Letter published in "The Australian" newspaper in response to Horta's article "Keep fighting the good fight"

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May 17, 2004

THE call from Jose Ramos-Horta to keep fighting the good fight for a new Iraq is a refreshing rebuff to those wanting to cut and run (Opinion 14/5). But his proposal for wise clerics to lead the way with Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani as ruler of Iraq backed by Arab and Muslim troops under a UN flag is dangerously wrong.

The last thing Iraqis (including Sistani) want is a new ruler of Iraq. The second-last thing is Arab and Muslim troops under any flag whatever. Arab and Muslim states all have a vested interest in preventing a democratic and federal Iraq.

Supporters of a free Iraq should get behind the transitional law. This specifies Iraq will be "democratic and federal" with the weakest possible central government until free elections are held under a new constitution drafted by a transitional national assembly, itself elected in free elections to be held this January.

The subsequent constitution can only take effect when not vetoed by any one of the three main communities – Shia, Sunni Arab and Kurdish.

This is a compromise accepted, after months of negotiation, by all significant forces in the Iraqi opposition to the Baathist tyranny.

Albert Langer

North Fitzroy, Vic


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