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A War on Schoolgirls

Unable to win on the battlefield, the Taliban are fighting to prevent half the country's children from getting an education.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2006-06-20

Hitchens: Why Haditha isn't My Lai.

The other difference, one ought not need add, is that in My Lai the United States was fighting the Vietcong. A recent article about the captured diary of a slain female Vietnamese militant (now a best seller in Vietnam) makes it plain that we were vainly attempting to defeat a peoples' army with a high morale and exalted standards. I, for one, will not have them insulted by any comparison to the forces of Zarqawi, the Fedayeen Saddam, and the criminal underworld now arrayed against us.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2006-06-08

West Papuan refugees require support

"In the face of so many reports of abuse, it is not good enough to accept the assurances of the new Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, Teuku Mohammad Hamzah Thayeb, that the 43 asylum seekers would not be persecuted if they were sent home," he said.

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2006-03-22

April 2 - National Day of Action for West Papua - Melbourne

Free West Papua! Free the Refugees! Time to End the War on our Doorstep

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2006-03-21

Indonesian troops firing on students

Submitted by admin on Sat, 18/03/2006 - 14:06. Story Excerpt: Email alert from John Barr about urgent situation at the Cendrawasih University, West Papua.

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2006-03-21

West Papua action

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2006-03-21

Iran: Amnesty International condemns violence against women demonstrators in Iran

Amnesty International condemns the violent action taken by Iranian police, Revolutionary Guards and others on 8 March to forcibly disperse about 1,000 women who had gathered peacefully in Tehran to commemorate International Women’s Day. Scores of women are reported to have been beaten by the police and those assisting them. Public Statement AI Index: MDE 13/024/2006 (Public) News Service No: 060 10 March 2006

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2006-03-11

International Women's Day

Leaflet produced for International Women's Day, 2006.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2006-03-09

Don't yield to extremists

I am a Muslim who fully supports Jyllands-Posten's right to publish the cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, as I defend the rights of Muslims to be offended. But I find the daily human rights violations by our dictators to be more offensive to the memory of the prophet's life than a few cartoons ever could be.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2006-02-18

Christopher Hitchens: Giving up on freedom

There can be no negotiation under duress or under the threat of blackmail and assassination. And civil society means that free expression trumps the emotions of anyone to whom free expression might be inconvenient. It is depressing to have to restate these obvious precepts, and it is positively outrageous that the US Administration should have discarded them at the very first sign of a fight.

  • Posted by keza
  • Published: 2006-02-16


Some 270 Arab and foreign fighters have been detained in Iraq's restive al-Anbar province in a 'defensive campaign' launched by the local population towards the al-Qaeda network, tribal leaders say.

  • Posted by patrickm
  • Published: 2006-02-03

As post-Baathist Iraq is formed, Kurds who were oppressed by the regime are fighting for as much autonomy as they can get from Baghdad.

While Kurdish leaders gain power in Baghdad, many Kurds continue to demand independence. By Frman Abdulrahman in Sulaimaniyah (ICR No. 160, 19-Jan-06)

  • Posted by anita
  • Published: 2006-01-24

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