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Talabani-Barzani meeting; Kurdish political forces reorganize themselves ahead of elections

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In the first round of talks the two main Iraqi Kurdish political parties said to have reached common grounds regarding the promised national and regional Iraqi elections set for January next year.


Date: 18 November 2004

The second meeting between Kurdish leaders, Masoud Barzani (KDP) and Jalal Talabani (PUK) is to take place in Dukan on Thursday. Diplomatic sources said here that the Dukan summit is most likely to be attended by top Iraqi officials including President Ghazi Al-Yawar and Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.

The Kurdish leaders indicated that they will be holding talks with Iraqi political forces while Kurds already have taken a common position regarding the elections.

“We, as Kurds, have an agenda of our own for the meeting which will be presented at tomorrow’s summit,” KDP leader Barzani said adding that Kurds will participate in the elections as Kurds and Kurdistanis if they failed, in his words, to come “to an agreement” with the Iraqi political forces.

Mean while a PUK statement that was published ahead of today’s meeting says that Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will oppose elections in Kirkuk province before a full compliance of the §58 of the Interim Administration Law, according to which all Kurdish refugees must return to their cities prior to elections. PUK says that since this is not the fact regarding the displaced Kurdish refugees, they will ask for a suspension of the election in the whole of the province. The statement says also that PUK and KDP have “almost” the same view of Kirkuk in connection to the January vote.



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