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Nazi-Zionist Collaboration 1: Introduction

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The Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies has emphasized accusations of Nazi-Zionist collaboration as the material it finds most offensive and has claimed that 3CR broadcasters take delight in driving the Jewish community, into frenzy, by making such allegations.


We in Jews Against Zionism and Anti-Semitism have made a detailed study of this question and wish to present our findings to this inquiry.


Although we do not even speak the necessary foreign languages to be able to survey the primary sources, we do claim to know a lot more about it than Dr. Foster does, having carefully studied the secondary sources on both sides instead of only one side.


Our evidence will show that claims of Nazi-Zionist collaboration broadcast on some 3CR programs are well founded and thoroughly documented in a substantial literature accessible to non-experts with a bit of hard work.


They are not fantasies, let alone anti-Semitic fantasies.


Broadcasts about Nazi-Zionist collaboration are a reflection on the airwaves of Australia of written material long accepted as part of the serious literature on the subject, and which has long been legally available in the State of Israel.


Any apparent strangeness and 'extremism’, of these broadcasts, is not because they reflect the views of a lunatic fringe, but because this serious literature is not readily available in Australia and is therefore unfamiliar to listeners.


In passing, we should mention that allegations of Nazi-Zionist collaboration do not originate, as is often claimed and widely assumed, from Arab answers to Israel's use of the Holocaust as a propaganda weapon.


Nor, as should be obvious from 3CR's hostile attitude to the Soviet Union, are they a result of Soviet propaganda on this subject.


Nor are these allegations meant to excuse Palestinian Arab collaborators with Nazism, such as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. 


Only Zionists, with their fundamentally racialist outlook, imagine that collaboration is an accusation one can level against a whole ethnic group, or that one can refute such accusations by proving that people of the same ethnic origin as the accuser are also guilty of the same crime.


Since Israel's exploitation of the Holocaust for propaganda is so blatant, the assumption, that accusations of Zionist collaboration must be a propaganda reply, seems fairly natural.  But in fact most of the available English language literature on this subject was written by Jews long before the modern Palestinian revolution got going. 


The issue was first raised on 3CR, in the second edition of Palestine Speaks that went to air, by two Palestinian Jews, one of whom happened to have worked in the law office that handled the most famous Israeli court case concerning Nazi collaboration. The debate has since escalated, with increasingly hysterical Zionist accusations against 3CR, being used to provoke more comments on this subject in reply.


Presumably the Zionist assumption was that no hard evidence would be available to back these allegations up. If so, we will now refute that assumption.


In doing so, we have deliberately avoided relying much on the substantial amount of material recently published by the Soviet Union and its supporters for their own reasons.


Among the sources we have relied on are the publications of the 'Guardians of the City' or 'Neturei Karta' - orthodox religious Jews who live strictly according to Torah.  These include the book;  'The Holocaust Victims Accuse' by Reb Moshe Shonfeld'1, which was first published as a series of articles in the Israeli Hebrew magazine, Digleinu  in the years 1961 to 1964, and the article 'Some of my Best Friends are Nazis' by N. Glaser2, published in the New York, Jewish Guardian Volume 2, Number 2. 


We have also used the book 'Perfidy’ by Ben Hecht3, an extreme Zionist of the Menachem Begin ('Revisionist'4) variety. This was originally published in English in New York in 1961, and has since been reprinted in Hebrew in Israel in 1970.  It is now available in an English reprint edition from the Neturei Karta.


This material is virtually inaccessible in Australia due to active Zionist suppression, and does not circulate at all, either within the Jewish community or outside it.


We have also made some use of 'Eichmann in Jerusalem' by Dr. Hannah Arendt5, who also supports the existence of the State of Israel, and a number of other serious works, generally written from a pro-Zionist standpoint.


None of these writers could be even remotely described as 'left-wing', and their books have nothing to do with the Arab-Israeli dispute.  So far as Ben Hecht and Rabbi Shonfeld are concerned, there are probably no other subjects we could agree on, except the fact that the top Zionist leadership did collaborate with the Nazis and that this fact should be known to the public.


We have provided copies of these and other related works to the Tribunal and we ask that they be read carefully before any decision is contemplated that might inhibit 3CR from permitting its affiliates to continue broadcasting these allegations.


Before documenting the allegations themselves, we would like to comment on the reactions to them within the Jewish community, based on our own experiences, talking to relatives and friends.


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