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Nazi-Zionist Collaboration: Authors' preface

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Readers solely interested in the historical question of Zionist-Nazi Collaboration could start reading from chapter 5, 'The Kastner Case’.  However, the earlier sections are of some interest in describing how a typical Zionist ‘campaign’ works and why many Jews and others are deceived into supporting them.  So this submission to the Australia Broadcasting Tribunal is reprinted here unchanged except for minor sub-editing and the addition of reference notes.


Community Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia is a federation of many affiliates with varying political views.  It is biased towards the working class and opposed to imperialism and racism.  Therefore, Zionist organizations are refused affiliation or air-time.


Anti-Zionist affiliates such as the Palestine-Australia Solidarity Committee and the Palestine Arab Club are allowed to broadcast their views uncensored.


Unable to accept this open reversal of the usual situation, the Zionist movement through the ‘Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies’, (VJBD ) launched an extremely vicious smear campaign against 3CR.  This centered on allegations of anti-Semitism, but also ‘terrorism’ and all the rest of it.


Since 3CR is entirely self-supporting and has a public and democratic decision-making process, the normal means of pressure and manipulation did not work, although they did do a great deal of damage and exacerbated the Station’s internal problems.


Consequently, an all-out campaign was launched in the Australian media which resulted in a public enquiry by the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal into whether the Station’s license to broadcast should be revoked.  The Zionist ‘Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies’, (VJBD) claimed at this enquiry that allegations of  ‘Nazi-Zionist collaboration’ during the Holocaust were the most offensive material broadcast by 3CR affiliates, being simply a paranoid anti-Semitic conspiracy theory intended to bait the Melbourne Jewish Community. 


The only ‘evidence’ submitted by the VJBD to refute such broadcasts was a brief statement by a Melbourne University academic, Dr. John Foster.  We have reprinted this statement in full in Appendix A., (Address deleted for digital reproduction) since reference is made to it in this booklet, and readers should be able to judge for themselves what weighty arguments for censoring radio broadcasts were being replied to. 


Although evidence by Rabbi's Levi and Gutnick; Mr. Bloch and other VJBD witnesses has been referred to in passing, they are not reprinted here as they were simply expressing general outrage and did not even attempt to refute specific allegations.  To substantiate the broadcasts ‘Jews Against Zionism and Anti-Semitism’, (JAZA) another 3CR affiliate, prepared a detailed study on ‘Nazi-Zionist Collaboration’.                                                                                       


This submission was prepared rather hurriedly, and specifically for the public enquiry into 3CR, rather than as a comprehensive survey of the question.  Nevertheless, we are reprinting it here unchanged except for minor sub-editing and the edition of reference notes.

Although by no means comprehensive, the evidence submitted by JAZA was apparently sufficient for the VJBD to decide it did not want a public enquiry into these allegations at any cost.

As explained in Appendix B,   the VJBD withdrew from the enquiry with none of its demands met, after a unilateral declaration by Radio 3CR, which reaffirmed its original position.    (Appendix C).


For more than a year since then, anti-Zionist broadcasts by 3CR affiliates have continued unchanged and Zionists have been given no right of reply.  So far, the Zionists have done nothing to resume their media campaign against 3CR, and VJBD President, Arnold Bloch has resigned his position.


Since the same allegations have been repeated on the air many times, there is no doubt that Zionists still find them  'offensive'.  But they no longer want a public enquiry into them.   Anyone reading this book will understand why.


In addition to the 'Nazi-Zionist Collaboration' material, JAZA and other 3CR affiliates presented a good deal of material on other aspects of Zionism, substantiating broadcasts alleging that it is a racist movement and so forth.    


This included some material on the history of Zionism, and how it came to dominate Jewish communities, and particular reference to the role played by 'left-wing Zionism' in confusing the issues.


Some of this material is being prepared for publication by BAZO-PS and will appear as a separate book.


Many people, both in JAZA and outside it assisted in preparing this material and commenting on it.  Most will have to remain nameless for various reasons   (including Zionist terrorism).


Mention should be made of the assistance of Frans Timmermann in sub-editing and preparing the reference notes and, of course, BAZO-PS for re-typing, publishing and distributing.


A further edition is planned for wider circulation and dealing with Nazi-Zionist Collaboration in its own right, quite apart from the 3CR enquiry.  Any comments and suggestions should be sent to JAZA, Melbourne.  (post 2005 enquiries to Lastsuperpower.)

Finally, questions have been raised about reference to Jews as an ethnic or national minority group rather than simply as adherents of a particular religion.  These questions come from PLO supporters as well as the usual queries from Zionists as to how some JAZA members can call themselves Jews if they are not Zionists and not religious.  This is an important issue which has a bearing on the future status of Israeli Jews in a democratic solution to the Palestine problem.


Space precludes a proper analysis here, but a few words are necessary.  Most of the people in countries like Australia and the USA who are generally called 'Jews' are more accurately 'people of Jewish origin'.  Most are already quite fully assimilated into the nations in which they live but they still retain some specifically 'Jewish' cultural characteristics which have very little to do with religion.


What they have in common is not membership of the mythical Zionist 'world-wide Jewish Nation' but parents, grandparents or great grandparents who once spoke the Yiddish language and were part of recognized national minorities in Eastern European countries like Poland and Russia (this, of course, has nothing to do with 'race'). 


A comparison could be made with people of Gypsy origin (another European minority people who were wiped out by the Nazis).  But it is quite misleading, and plays into the hands of Zionism, to define Jews by 'religion' as the only alternative to Zionism.


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