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Nazi-Zionist Collaboration 11: Conclusion

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11.1    Zionist enthusiasm about the Holocaust

The State of Israel is often referred to as something ‘for which six million died’.  The concept that Israel was established at such great ‘cost’ and its existence as a State is therefore very precious, is widely, even though unconsciously, accepted by most Australians whether Jewish or not.  

As we have shown, there is more unconscious truth in this concept than might have been thought.  A lot of Jews did die for Zionism.  But they were not martyrs, who died for the Zionist ‘cause’, and the creation of the State of Israel was not some sort of ‘compensation’ for those deaths, it didn't make them ‘worthwhile’. 

Apart from being complete nonsense, the Zionist propaganda usually associated with any information about the Holocaust is extremely offensive to anti-Zionist Jews.  As Isaac Deutscher points out in 'The Non-Jewish Jew and Other Essays'; 

It should be realized that the great majority of Eastern European Jews were,  up to the outbreak of the second world war, opposed to Zionism. This is a fact of which most Jews and non-Jews in the West are seldom aware.  The Zionists in our part of the world were a significant minority, but they never succeeded in attracting a majority of their co-religionists.  The most fanatical enemies of Zionism were precisely the workers, those who spoke Yiddish, those who considered themselves Jews; they were the most determined opponents of the idea of an emigration from Eastern Europe to Palestine108 

These were the people who were exterminated en masse, by the Nazis. 

The Holocaust victims did not die in order that there should be a ‘Jewish State’.  They died, because they were cold-bloodedly murdered by the Nazis in accordance with Nazi racialist theories. 

Millions of Jews, together with millions of Communists, Gypsies, Poles, homosexuals, people with Jewish grandparents and other ‘undesirables’, were murdered by the Nazis.  That was not a crime against the State of Israel, it was a crime against humanity. 

This crime cannot be compensated by the creation of a ‘Jewish State’ or a Gypsy State or any other State.  It cannot be ‘compensated’ at all.  The only thing is to learn from it that movements and ideologies like Nazism, and the social system that breeds them, are extremely dangerous to humanity. 

It seems perfectly commonplace and ordinary for a pro-Zionist politician to be reported in the Australian Jewish News saying: 

‘However tragic the Hitler period was, it led to the rejuvenation of Australian Jewry.’ 

Such sentiments are expressed over and over again by Zionists.  They do not imply that Zionists support Hitler or welcomed the Holocaust, but they do imply that there is something terribly wrong in the Zionist approach to this question - something so wrong that it cannot be let pass but must be brought into the light of day and repudiated.

Hitlerism did not lead to the ‘rejuvenation of Jewry’.  It led to a mass murder of Jews.  The shock and demoralization, and also the moralization suffered by the survivors of the Holocaust goes far to explain how a poisonous ideology like Zionism could, for the first time in history, gain a real mass following among Jews, just as the Versailles Treaty paved the way for Nazism to spread among the Germans. 

But to call the mass murder of Jews followed by the decline and decadence of traditional universalist Jewish values and the takeover of Jewish community institutions by narrow nationalist zealots, a ‘rejuvenation of Jewry’, takes real gall. 

Most people who call themselves Zionists today would not make the leap from pretence that the Jews in the Holocaust died for the Zionist cause, to indifference to their deaths. They would not stand by and watch European Jews being exterminated and do practically nothing about it, except shut the doors to their rescue.

Nevertheless, we have shown, as a well-documented historical fact, that the top Zionist leadership did exactly that. And these people are still leaders in Israel today. 

There is also a big leap from standing by passively while people are being murdered, to actively assisting in their murder.  Yet that is exactly what some Zionist leaders did.  Very few, but some.  The appalling thing is that the actions of those who did were justified and are still being justified by most of the Zionist leadership today.  They are being defended at this inquiry, by witnesses for the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies. (VJBD)

11.2     Is Rabbi Shonfeld also ‘offensive’?


If the word ‘collaboration’ still sounds too ‘offensive’ when used on radio 3CR, let us sum up with the words of Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld, as published in a Hebrew magazine in the State of Israel under the heading ‘I Accuse - From the Depths’:

‘The Zionist approach, that Jewish blood is the anointing oil needed for the wheels of the Zionist state is not a thing of the past.  It remains operable to this very day. 

Since the existence of Zionism, one constant trend of thought has been the direction of Weizmann, Greenbaum, Sharett, Ben Gurion, Ehrenpreisz, Kastner, Stephen Wise, the councils in the ghettoes and the rescue committees of the free world.  The only yearning was for the State.  The people as a whole, or a segment thereof, were merely the means for the realization of a ‘homeland’.  Whoever did not serve this purpose might as well have, not been created. 

‘Jewish war criminals’ is a phrase that was not included in the lexicon of either the ‘yishuv’ in Eretz Yisrael or in the diaspora.  It is not even found in the remotest fantasies, and imaginations of anyone’s mind.  

On the contrary, from the hundreds of books, tens of thousands of articles and millions of words written and spoken on the Holocaust (which itself, has been turned into a Zionist battle-cry which we abhor, but have been forced to use for identification purposes), the opposite seems to be suggested – that there were no Jewish war criminals.  

For this reason, the author of this work has unfolded before everyone’s eyes his uncovering of the mask worn by the Jewish collaborators, who stood at the helm of the Zionist movement and gave their hands to the Nazi beasts.  

There were Jews who could not resist the test of boot and whiplash and, by turning informer upon their brethren by surrendering them unto the hang-man or making them scapegoats of the Kapos and the Jewish councils, gained their own freedom.  Since we were not subjected to their trials thank G-d, it is questionable if we can judge them in the full severity of the law.  Not every generation merits foremen who are willing to sacrifice themselves as did their Jewish foreman in ancient Egypt.  But here lies the paradox: the state which designates itself as ‘Israel’ has on its books a law demanding justice to be meted out to Nazis and their collaborators, but for those laden with guilt  who stood at the helm of Jewry during the Holocaust there is no law to call them to account.  Not only that, but those who have died in the interval are lauded and revered, and those who are yet alive maintain their respective positions, as they continue to prop themselves up as representatives of the Jewish people… 

Zionist leaders during the Holocaust did not stop at manipulating lives.  They also controlled the sources of finance and communications, representing themselves before the world as the spokesmen of the Jewish nation.  They alone are responsible for the unfulfilled potential in rescuing the Jewish people. 

In three vital areas they failed and impeded others efforts: (1) Communications, (2) in material aid, (3) in preventing annihilation.  Had these failures stemmed from ignorance or mistakes one might excuse their lack of ability, but the bitter truth is that their actions were determined by explicit policy and a fundamental principle.  The first and foremost aim was to establish the ‘state’ – and the masses of Jews merely served as convenient means.  And wherever there existed a contradiction between the two, the needs of the masses and even their salvation were subordinated to the ‘state’ - in – formation.

It is common knowledge that Eichmann proposed to doctor Kastner’s committee that Jewish lives be exchanged for merchandise, a proposal which he termed, ‘merchandise' in exchange for blood’.  Zionist leaders read this bid differently. ‘Blood in exchange for the state’109 

In advertising Rabbi Shonfeld’s book ‘The Holocaust victims accuse’ in the New York Times, orthodox Torah Jews of the ‘Neturei Karta’ say clearly:

The author accuses the Zionists of having collaborated in the murder of six million Jews.110 

They quote scriptures to express the fact that knowledge of this collaboration will not forever be suppressed: 

The truth will sprout forth from the earth (Psalms 85:12) 

And the stones from the wall will scream (Habbakuk 2:Il) 

The mere attempt at suppression in Australia has already resulted in the truth sprouting forth in print as well as on the radio. 

Without relying on either Divine intervention or 3CR, we can confidently predict that actual suppression will cause the walls to scream.  That is what ALWAYS happens with censorship. 

11.3  Internationalism versus self hatred


The facts are clear. 

Zionists should pause to reflect on them. 

They should try to answer N. Glaser's question: 

If this isn't the record of a bunch of Jewish Self-haters and Nazi collaborators then why doesn't the Zionist movement itself publish the whole story of Zionist-Nazi relations? The answer is simple: They don't dare.111 

While there has been a mass of Zionist propaganda to refute claims that Zionism is racism, to prove that the Arabs weren't driven out of Palestine and so on, there has never been, and there probably never will be, any serious Zionist attempt to refute the sort of serious accusations raised and documented here. 

When such accusations are raised by non-Jews, they are simply branded as anti-Semites.  When they are raised by Jews, the term is 'self haters'.  That term ‘self-hater’ does have a definite meaning, apart from its use by Zionists who don't like to admit that it is their racist ideology we hate, not ourselves. 

The phenomena of self hatred, does exist.  It is quite common for oppressed people to internalize the world view of their oppressors and see themselves as inferior.  Many women do it.  In America some blacks used to buy a lot of skin whitening creams and hair straighteners. 

Among European Jews, too, some accepted that there was something unnatural about being a Jew.  They did not like being part of a people that had been dispersed among the nations for thousands of years.  They accepted that there was something wrong with the internationalism and universalism of the Jews which had prompted the hatred of fascists.  They accepted the anti-Semitic hatred and contempt for traditional values of diaspora Jewry and didn't want to be Jews anymore.  They wanted to become something else instead of a Jewish minority. 

They wanted to become Israelis - a ‘nation like any other nation’, although most of them never actually did so. 

The origins of Zionism, unlike its victories, lie much earlier than the Holocaust. 

When the East European Jews were emancipated, three trends emerged. 

A remnant clung to the old ways and continued trying to live according to the Torah.  Their lifestyle may be peculiar, but they do no harm to anyone else, and they are welcome to it.  If the Messiah comes they will get their reward. 

Such religious communities still exist in places like London, New York and Jerusalem.  Only in Jerusalem are they subject to any significant degree of ill treatment.  They claim to be victims of anti-Semitic Jew baiting in Jerusalem because they remind Zionists about what they hate in themselves - having originated from the Torah Jews. 

The overwhelming majority of Jews rejected the old way of life and took part in the enlightenment.  Where assimilation was checked by anti-Semitism, two reactions developed.

The positive reaction of struggling for the universalist ideals of the enlightenment drove many Jews into the progressive, democratic and socialist parties in much larger numbers than their percentage of the population would have warranted.  As a result, Jews contributed greatly to progressive movements.  So much so, that anti-Semites still see Communism, and even Liberalism, as Jewish plots.  

Those Jews who contributed the positive side of their own Jewish culture to the developing common culture of progressive humanity, and left behind the negative side, have become ordinary citizens of the various countries in which they live. 

They may feel friendly towards the State of Israel, out of ignorance, as most ordinary citizens of Western countries do, and they may even feel that way more strongly than average, because they have relatives there and so on, but they are not Zionists.

The negative reaction to anti-Semitism after the enlightenment was Zionism.  It accepted anti-Semitism as natural and inevitable and accepted the anti-Semitic view that there was something unnatural about the Jews.  It set itself against all progressive movements. 

The fight between Zionists and progressive Jews started long before Zionisms war against the Arabs, and also before Zionism collaborated with Nazism in the Holocaust,  Jewish opposition to Zionism began when Zionism first came into existence and immediately became, and was recognized and branded as, the deadly enemy of everything progressive. This was the attitude even of Jewish nationalists like the Bund, let alone revolutionary socialist Jews. 

In Zionism we have a movement which characterizes Jews as aliens and as living an inadequate and unnatural life in ‘exile’, a movement which has actively fought, alongside anti-Semites, to prevent Jewish immigration to countries like Australia, has bombed Synagogues and painted up swastikas to drive Jews out of their homelands, has murdered hundreds of Jews in cold blood, ill-treats religious Jews in Jerusalem and did collaborate with the Nazis in murdering hundreds of thousands. 112 

Jewish opposition to Zionism is not only a matter of humanitarian or internationalist solidarity with the Arabs, but a pretty natural reaction against a fundamentally anti-Semitic movement that has already managed to uproot the entire Jewish populations of all the countries of the Arab world, is currently trying to do the same in both the Soviet Union and Iran, and would not be averse to doing so in Australia if it could.  

The fact that Zionist self-haters collaborated with the Nazis is something that anyone sympathetic to Zionism should think about carefully. 

If they find it upsetting, that is good.  They should go on to think about what Zionism has done to Arabs as well as Jews.  They should work out whose interests it actually serves. 

It ought to be upsetting and if anyone does not find it upsetting there is little hope for them.  But there is no use complaining to 3CR about being upset.  It is no business of 3CR's to prevent its affiliates from discussing these matters publicly.

Nor is it any business of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal to compel 3CR to censor its affiliates.  If it tries it would not succeed. 

If 3CR did shut up about Nazi-Zionist collaboration, there is no way that Jews ever will. 

As an Israeli religious newspaper said of the Kastner case, it ‘will have deep echoes in our generation and in generations to come.’113 

The echoes are not dying out.    



Originally typed by Ann Morris.  Digitized and edited in 2005 by Patrick Muldowney and Anita Hood. 

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APPENDIX A (Proof of evidence from     John Harvey Foster)

APPENDIX B (The inquiry that never was)

APPENDIX C  Unilateral declaration by Community Radio Station 3CR)

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