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Nazi-Zionist Collaboration: Foreword

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FOREWORD BY The British Anti-Zionist Organization - Palestine Solidarity (BAZO-PS) 1981

The British Anti-Zionist Organization - Palestine Solidarity (BAZO-PS) being founded in 1975  by, mostly, young people tended to concentrate its activities in support of the PLO by exposing the imperialist nature of the Zionist enemy which was, and still is, standing against Palestinian Self-Determination. 

At that time, the leadership of the Organization had little real understanding of the nature of the Zionist State and the mechanisms by which Zionism strives to retain political control over the indigenous Jewish Communities throughout the world.  Such understandings were simply beyond us then. 

However, we did notice one consistent Zionist theme, which was this:  Whenever the Zionist State is in political trouble either by being progressively isolated in the U.N. by the Afro-Asian bloc or when under tactical pressure from its friends in Western Europe to ‘see sense’ and agree to the formation of a Palestinian Bantustan on the West Bank & Gaza, it resorts to its favorite excuse and raison d’etre viz. ‘The State of Israel is the homeland of The Jewish People’ and ‘The only way to prevent a second Holocaust is to defend the State against the world if necessary’.

Using such ‘justifications’, Begin and his Nazi-like friends indiscriminately bomb the Lebanon and selectively murder their political opponents throughout the world.  All in the name of protecting Jewry.

There was a time in the history of BAZO-PS when we had little to say about the murder of millions of people by the Hitlerite Nazis, other than completely opposing it as is expected of any anti-racist organization. 

As for the disgraceful Zionist attempts to utilize the tragedy of the Holocaust to boost the political prestige of ‘Israel’, we merely restricted ourselves to noting that Nazism was a European phenomenon and that the Palestinian Arabs, having no complicity in the murder of European Jewry, should not have been penalized by having their homeland occupied by European colonial settlers. 

In a word, if a Zionist State was to be established (which as an anti-racist group we disagree with in principle), then it should have been established on the European lands of the Nazi exterminators, and not on Palestinian lands.  The opportunist attempts to exploit the tragedy of the Holocaust in the service of Zionist ‘Israel’ by promoting the film series of the same name was the breaking point with BAZO-PS.

The film series caused us to reconsider the accepted (Zionist) history of the tragedy.  In this we were encouraged by our Orthodox Jewish colleagues of Neturei Karta who have been struggling against all manifestations of Zionist interference in the life of the Jewish communities. 

We imported and publicized their book, ‘The Holocaust Victims Accuse’, written by Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld, throughout Britain.  At one point, an advert for the book was refused publication by the pro-Zionist periodicals, the ‘Jewish Chronicle’ and ‘Jewish Echo’.  The reader might well ask why such papers should refuse to accept a paid advert for a book which deals with the Holocaust from the Orthodox Jewish point of view and which was written by an Orthodox rabbi?  

In addition, our Organization suddenly found itself exposed to a major slander campaign financed by ‘Israeli’ money: our members were termed ‘anti-Semites’ except when they were of a Jewish origin they were characterized as ‘self-haters’.

Since our initial baptism in such vicious slander we have read more and more about the situation surrounding the tragedy of the Holocaust.  So much so that we are now capable of understanding the symbiotic relationship between Zionism and anti-Semitic Nazism. 

In Britain we are now the foremost accusers of Zionist-Nazi collaboration and we mean to prove our views to the public.  In this context we are convinced that the following pamphlet, ‘Zionist-Nazi Collaboration’ which was written by our colleagues of the ‘Jews Against Zionism and Anti-Semitism’ group (JAZA) in Australia and which was submitted in evidence in support of the Community 3CR radio station in Australia, says it all.

3CR radio was accused by Zionist sympathizers of being anti-Semitic by transmitting pro-Palestine broadcasts.

The so-called ‘Victoria Jewish Board of Deputies’ (VJBD) long since dominated by pro-Zionist political attitudes complained about 3CR’s exposure of the Zionist-Nazi collaboration issue.

In view of the fact that the truth of the matter has been extensively verified by anti-racist organizations over the past two decades, yet public awareness of the issue is, to say the least, non-existent, we have no hesitation in publishing this JAZA document in Britain with their permission and in cooperation with AZAN (Anti-Zionists Against the Nazis).

It is in the interests of Zionism to hush up the whole matter, yet the issue keeps coming to the fore in the most unlikely journals.  For example, the respected and widely-read magazine ‘History Today’ ran what it described as a ‘fascinating’ article by Dr. Jacob Boas entitled ‘A Nazi Goes to Palestinein its January, 1980 issue.  (see piv).

This brought the predictable and dreary outcry from Zionist agents in this country.  But the truth will come out.  Even the pro-Zionist ‘Jewish Chronicle’ ran a three-part series entitled ‘Holocaust - The Hidden Truth’.  Dubbed ‘a disturbing and startling enquiry’, its author and so-called expert, Walter Laqueur purported to investigate ‘how the news of the ‘Final Solution’ became known to, and was dealt with by, the leaders of world Jewry.’  (see pv).

Needless to say our Mr. Laqueur stayed far away from any suggestion of Zionist-Nazi Collaboration which resulted in his series being rather contradictory.  Our attempt at unraveling Mr. Laqueur’s contradictions, which took the form of a letter to the ‘Jewish Chronicle’, was ignored.  Understandably from a Zionist’s point of view.

Well Zionism may decide it could ignore our letter, but we will see if it can ignore this pamphlet.  It is our view that only a dishonest person can read this pamphlet through to the end, with all its evidence, and still support racist Zionism.


BAZO-PS  1981



BAZO-Palestine Solidarity Objectives


The organization opposes international Zionism in all of its manifestations as racialist ideology, especially the Zionist state entity.


The organization particularly opposes Zionism in Britain.


The organization campaigns for a Unitary, Democratic Secular State in all of Palestine with equal obligations and rights for all its citizens irrespective of their racial origin and religious belief, as proposed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)


The organization supports the struggle of the Palestinian People and all progressive forces for the attainment of this objective


The organization supports the struggle of the Palestinian People as part of the world National Liberation Movement against Zionism and Imperialism for its right to self determination in its entire homeland and believes that the exercise of this right is the only correct step towards the creation of the Unitary, Democratic, Secular State in all of Palestine.

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